Community Nominations

Nominations. I find it interesting both the intrigue and conflict I feel with the value associated with being nominated for something. Perhaps this is the private side of me simply wishing to remain private but the competitive side of me loves the idea of being nominated for my service to my clients or community.

With my experience, nominations seems to come in different types of criteria. Some you can nominate yourself. Others you are nominated in secrecy. Some organizations make a huge celebration of your nomination while other organizations do not recognize your nomination unless you actually win the category you are nominated for. Some nominations are presented to a private judging panel and others are awarded on the number of votes you can garner from your community.

There does seem to be a value with one’s business for the marketing aspect. Recently a colleague was nominated for the Greater Chamber of Commerce’s new Business of the Year and so deserving with all the work it takes to begin a new business. I absolutely agree with her comment that the nomination already felt like a win to her. I had that exact same feeling when nominated for the CPA Community Service Award.

The amount of time that both my nominator and supporters put into my nomination was a humbling experience on what really counts...providing service, without expectation of recognition, to people and organizations within my community.

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